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Autumn/Winter 2022 Trends

Jonathan Louis

Fall/Winter 2022 Design Trends

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Image by Clay Banks

The Journey Home

This season we are celebrating and honoring our unique journey in search of belonging. The last few years has increased introspection around what "home" means to the individual. We've identified four trends–self-care, acceptance, sense of community and human connection–rising from this contemplation, all of which view the future with an optimistic lens. We invite you to join us on this adventure to finding "home."

Everyday Rituals

Everyday Rituals .png

Bring calm into your space with earth tones, gentle contrasts, and materials in a raw state.

Common Ground (1).png

Common Ground

Express yourself with statement colors and geometric patterns. Highlight saturated hues and post-modern shapes.

Global Community

Modern Heirlooms

Global Community (1).png
Untitled design (1).png

Embrace the globe trotter within with this maximalist trend. Focus on the artisanal, one-of-a-kind, and statement making.

Vintage flair is updated in poppy pastels, cheerful florals, and heirloom quality.

Everyday Rituals

Everyday Rituals





Ritual 1 _edited.png

Negative Space

A focused approach to clearing clutter from the space and from the mind. Embrace the absence of stimulation to experience stillness and calmness.

Tree House




Subtle Contrast

Create calming warmth with soft neutrals and materials in their raw state. Soothe your senses with gentle accord. 

ritual 2_edited.png

Winter Moss


Imperial Topaz


Black Ink


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Visual Harmony

Paring back distractions helps clear the mind. Balanced simplicity creates a sanctuary-like atmosphere.