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Common Ground

We are the iconoclasts who found communities. Unafraid to march to the beat of our own drum, we defy expectations, and find our home to be amongst those who are unafraid to bend molds. This is our safe space, where there is room for exploration. 

common ground2 _edited.png
Image by Steve Johnson
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Sargasso Sea


Freedom of Expression

Mix high and low, soft and angular, masculine and feminine. Ambiguity reigns. 

Cathay Spice


Challenges Traditional

Defy dichotomies by incorporating bold and muted colors. Question the usual–revisit stripes and plaids that live outside expected.


common ground 4_edited.png
common ground 5 _edited.png

Post-Modern Influence

Weave eras and styles together to create your own. Upend expected combinations.  

Electric Blue Lemonade


Marine Green


Plum Perfect


Hawthorn Rose


Mineral Green





Inclusive Expression