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Everyday Rituals





Ritual 1 _edited.png

Negative Space

A focused approach to clearing clutter from the space and from the mind. Embrace the absence of stimulation to experience stillness and calmness.

Tree House




Subtle Contrast

Create calming warmth with soft neutrals and materials in their raw state. Soothe your senses with gentle accord. 

ritual 2_edited.png

Winter Moss


Imperial Topaz


Black Ink


ritual 3_edited.png

Visual Harmony

Paring back distractions helps clear the mind. Balanced simplicity creates a sanctuary-like atmosphere.


light wood finishes_edited.png

Abstract Patterns

Add interest without visually overwhelming.

Light Wood Finishes

Embrace the neutral palette throughout.

Raw Materials

For a naturally unfinished look.

Colored Linens

Introduces soothing warmth and texture.

Untitled design (9)_edited.png
S0437-Leonora copy 2.jpg

Monochromatic hues bring visual balance into your serene space.

Have fun with textures by mixing and matching on toss pillows!

Cozy elements like faux fur rugs make your space feel like home.

Invite calm into your space 

Tone on tone.

The full spectrum of warm neutrals in this palette can be used for maximum impact–explore beyond the beiges. Linens, pillows, and ceramics add texture, depth, and harmonious visual interest. 

The Leonora Collection

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