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Global Community



Evergreen Spring


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Global Maximalist

More is more! Showcase your collections from your travels. Mix inspirations from around the world. 

Atlantic Deep


Eclectic Curation

Celebrate diversity and inclusion; embrace culture and heritage. Weave the disparate threads of your story together through thoughtful elements.

Porcelain Green


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Harvest Pumpkin




Warm Comfort

Exude warmth with layers of history, culture, and story. Muted colors tell the story; bright pops catch the eye.

Forest Elf


Coral Haze


Abstract Painting

Global Treasures

Mixed Wood Finishes

Reflect diversity in a melange of finishes.

Global Elements

Showcase globe-trotting with one-of-a-kind, artisanal pieces.


Highlight craftsmanship and handiwork with unconventional weaves and textures.

Linear Patterns

A mixture of linear and graphic patterns creates a unique, but deliberate atmosphere.

mixed wood 4_edited.png
linear pattern_edited.jpg
S0346_Carlin_Sofa_RS_HIGH RES_2019.jpg

Maximize your space by incorporating tons of accessory pieces! 

Warm hues evoke a feeling of ultimate comfort and bliss.

Use mementos to make your space uniquely yours.

Bring the world into your home

Honor your culture and your journey.

Embrace diversity and culture through representation. Create a warm environment with items from around the world.

The Carlin Collection

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