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Global Community



Evergreen Spring


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Global Maximalist

More is more! Showcase your collections from your travels. Mix inspirations from around the world. 

 Atlantic Deep


Eclectic Curation

Celebrate diversity and inclusion; embrace culture and heritage. Weave the disparate threads of your story together through thoughtful elements.

Porcelain Green


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Harvest Pumpkin




Warm Comfort

Exude warmth with layers of history, culture, and story. Muted colors tell the story; bright pops catch the eye.

Forest Elf


Coral Haze


Abstract Painting

Global Treasures

Mixed Wood Finishes

Reflect diversity in a melange of finishes.

Global Elements

Showcase globe-trotting with one-of-a-kind, artisanal pieces.


Highlight craftsmanship and handiwork with unconventional weaves and textures.

Linear Patterns

A mixture of linear and graphic patterns creates a unique, but deliberate atmosphere.

mixed wood 4_edited.png