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Modern Heirlooms

modern heirlooms 4_edited.png

Antique White


Heirloom Quality



Pieces with stories and histories take center stage. Surrounding yourself with fond memories. 

Gossamer Green


modern heirlooms 3_edited.png

Historic Charm

Orchid Petal


Fresh Salmon




A fresh perspective on a classic aesthetic. Looking fondly into the past for inspiration.

modern heirlooms 2_edited.png

From House to Home

Warm Olive


Emphasis on charm and character. More than just a dwelling. Heirloom objects are precious and seamlessly intermingled with the new. 

Rose Violet


Flower Composition

Nostalgic Dreams

Vintage Appeal

Carefully selected and curated collections passed down from generation to generation.

Layering Textiles

Enhance retro charm through layers of textiles and pillows.

Statement Florals

Celebrate optimism through florals, revisited in unexpected combinations of brights and pastels. 

Chunky Weaves

Envelop your senses with high texture weaves that invoke coziness.

floral fabric_edited.png
vintage vase_edited_edited.png
bright florals 2_edited.png
chunky weaves (1)_edited.jpg
B0762_Sasha Headboard_RS_HIGH RES_APRIL 2021.jpg

Fresh florals in your space make your house feel like home

Vintage inspired pieces bring balance to a modern space.

A throw blanket is the perfect way to add dimension!

Sentimental touches make a home

What's old is new again.

Add warmth and personality to your home by linking your past to your present. Continue telling a story that's generations old.

The Sasha Collection

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