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Great style starts with stringent construction. Sit, lounge, nap, repeat. Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your Jonathan Louis furniture -- which is precisely why we design and construct every piece to ensure it meets the rigorous demands of daily life. Kids and fur babies, we’re looking at you.

Choosing Jonathan Louis means investing in quality, lasting workmanship, and design that is sure to be part of your home for years to come. In fact, we guarantee it. So, what makes our story different than the rest?

Every piece of furniture is made to order in our factories using quality raw materials that we carefully source from trusted partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Asia. Our superior foam, hardwoods, engineered woods, and other materials are shipped directly to our factories, where they are quality-inspected, hand-cut, and used for construction. This highly controlled process allows us to consistently design and builds our products to meet our strict specifications and standards from start to finish.

A foundation built to last. For maximum durability and strength, we only use domestic hardwoods such as poplar for our frame construction. Quality engineered wood is used for shaping and other cosmetic features of our furniture. We reinforce stress joints with corner blocks, wood glue, and high-pressure stapling, and use polyester padding throughout to ensure that fabric doesn’t come into direct contact with the wood frame. Finally, our no-sag seat suspension features heavy gauge sinuous steel wire, with springs evenly spaced apart to provide stability and uniform comfort.

Thoughtfully engineered seating.

You’ll find that our sofas and sectionals feature specific seating types, each painstakingly engineered and paired based on style and overall frame construction. Of course, there’s nothing like trying them out in person, but here’s a rundown of what they mean:

Standard: Features a high-resiliency foam core wrapped on both sides, with a 1” layer of polyester.
What it feels like: firm and supportive, yet still oh-so-comfortable.

Channeled Blown Fiber: Features a high-resiliency foam core encased in a bag filled with blown polyester fiber, channeled to keep the fiber from shifting.
What it feels like: imagine a relaxed feather and down seat -- cushy, inviting, and relaxing -- but without the actual feather and down.

Super Plush: Features high-resiliency, super-soft foam core encased in a bag filled with blown polyester fiber, channeled to keep the fiber from shifting.

What it feels like: this ultra-thick foam core reigns in ultimate sink-in comfort.

Pluma Plush: Features a high-resiliency, super-soft foam core encased in a “feather barrier,” filled with feather blend (50% polyester fiber/45% duck feather/5%duck), which creates a supportive cushion with excellent resiliency and crown.

What it feels like: this ultra-thick, luxurious foam core offers luxurious, lounge-worthy comfort.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans. Masters in carpentry, woodworking, construction, sewing, and tufting, our skilled experts -- many of whom have been with us since day one -- bring true talent and passion to every piece of handcrafted furniture that leaves our factory.

Quality control at every turn. Our QC process isn’t only at the finish line- every Jonathan Louis piece is meticulously evaluated throughout every stage of the production process. From the first measurement of fabric to the final application of nailhead beading, you can count on quality at every corner -- without ever cutting one.

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