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Spring/Summer 2024 Trends

Jonathan Louis

Spring/Summer 2024 Design Trends

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Welcome, Curiosity

Look around. Even closer. The world inspires endless possibilities right where we already live. We just have to reopen our eyes. When we reawaken our sense of discovery, we reveal hidden treasures around every corner, waiting for us to unlock them. And we already hold the keys.


From importing touches of faraway climates, to digging deep into the rustic textures that that move us, to finding bold new ways of sparking conversation, each trend invites looking at our

space with fresh eyes.


This Spring, we’re rethinking our space and our relationship to it, with separate spaces that encourage moments of surprise and invite participants to unlock the magic within the everyday.

Tropical Modernism Collage (1).png

Tropical Modernism

A fusion of sleek modernism and travel-inspired motifs, with sentimental and personal connections. The focus is on artisanal specialties, regional crafts, and heirloom souvenirs, emphasizing one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and heritage themes. 

By the Sea.png

By the Sea

Embracing the tranquil beauty of our beloved shorelines, By the Sea captures the serene coastal ambience in a harmonious blend of minimalism and boho aesthetics. 

Treasured Finds.png

Treasured Finds

Transporting us the countryside, Treasured Finds invites us to live more mindfully, savoring everyday moments of peace amidst nature's effortless beauty. 

Nature's Alchemy 2.png

Nature's Alchemy

Nature's Alchemy embodies a raw, earthy essence, as if plucked straight from the Earth's rich core.  Experimentation is encouraged, with imperfect accents  sought-after. 

Surreal Dreamscape.png

Surreal Dreamscape

Reminiscent of a candy-coated daydream, these aesthetics invite experimental play into the design of our lives, offering a healing escape from the mundane. 

Tropical Modernism



#11-0606 TCX

Desert Mist

#14-1127 TCX

Immersive Discovery.png

Immersive Discovery

Extra-tactile elements invite escapism through artisanal specialties, regional crafts, and heirloom souvenirs.


#17-1349 TCX

Olive Branch

#18-0527 TCX


Establish a fusion of sleek modernism and travel-inspired motifs wtih one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and heritage themes. 


Nugget Gold

#16-0952 TCX

Friar Brown

#19-1230 TCX


#18-3905 TCX

Lush Backdrops.png

Lush Backdrops

The maximalist spirit showcases personal collections tied to cherished memories, keeping spaces feeling fresh and vibrant with saturated colors and layered environments.


Paradise Found

Textured Fabrics_edited.png

Flora & Fauna

Invite the tropics in with foliage.

Bold Geometry

A bold contrast to the organic and artisanal elements. 

Textured Fabrics 

Velvets, leathers, and linen create depth.

Flora & Fauna.png
G1172_Chiswell_Estate Sofa_Showroom_MAY

Pair bold tropical prints with structured neutrals to create the perfect backdrop for your souvenirs.

No green thumb? Create the illusion of lush plants with framed palm fronds.

A tropical state of mind.

Make every day feel like a vacation in the tropics with leaf decor, an abundance of plant life, and textured fabrics found in island living. Layer, layer, and layer some more with items found during your adventures. Striped fabrics add yet another dimension for a maximalist vibe. 

The Chiswell Collection

Treasured Finds

Treasured Finds
Pastoral Charm.png

Cappucino Foam

#11-0109 TSX

Pastoral Charm

Plaids, stripes and traditional floral details add a hint of countryside chic. 

Bleached Sand

#13-1008 TCX

Beaver Fur


Effortless Beauty

Soft textures and faded colors evoke timeworn and cherished living spaces. 


#16-0526 TC

Tranquil Moments.png

Tranquil Moments

Create a sense of heritage with family treasures handed down through the generations.

Silver Gray

#14-0000 TCX

Lobster Bisque

#16-1520 TCX

Mango Mojito

#15-0960 TCX

Effortless Beauty.png

Rustic Elegance