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Link Love: Influencers Influencing

In this week’s round-up, we’re showcasing our creative partners’ stylish design ideas and the wow-worthy transformations of their homes with Jonathan Louis furniture. From stunning room makeovers to clever upscaling solutions, our influencers share their expertise and vision. They show how to curate living spaces that are both beautiful and functional in a wide variety of personal styles, embodying our tagline: “Your style. Your statement.” Whether you're looking for design suggestions on how to mix vintage with modern, ideas for furniture customizations, or simply seeking that dose of interior design eye-candy, this round-up is your go-to resource. Read on to explore the world of our influencer-approved style!

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The Naima Collection Part 1:


The Pia Collection



The Ensel Collection



The Nyla Collection


nissa 2 copy.jpg

The Pia Collection:


The Naima Collection Part II:



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