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Behind the Product:
A Seating Story

Ever wonder what the difference is in our different types of seating? (Spoiler alert: we're about to tell you.) Whether it's standard, Pluma Plush, Pure Form, or Super Plush, our seating is designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort, support, and durability. We carefully select cushion styles to ensure a perfect pairing, and include thoughtful details in every cushion to add longevity and simplify maintenance. Also: all our seats are crafted with premium high-resiliency foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and meets rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. Read on to learn to discover your ideal match!

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Standard Seating

Pure Form Seating

Super Plush Seating

Pluma Plush Seating

Standard Seating

The Alaia Collection

S1099_Alaia_RS_Head On_HIGH RES_OCT 2021.jpg

Standard Seating 

Classic Support

  • Firm and supportive with a soft outer layer for added comfort and a clean, tailored look

  • Signature foam: 1.8 high-resiliency (HR) CertiPUR-US certified foam core creates a firm yet comfortable long-lasting base and clean lines

  • Targeted cushioning: Dacron polyester padding provides 360-degree softness while increasing front and top of seat cushion crown

  • Flip and rotate for even wear

Pure Form

Pure Form Seating

Body-contouring Support

  • Three foam layers provide body-contouring support with a resilient, put-together appearance 

  • Innovative Support: A 1 inch slice of 1.8 High-Resiliency (HR) foam is sandwiched between two layers of 1.9 HR foam core

  • Body Contouring: Visco "memory" foam layer shaped to support

  • Added padding: Dacron Polyester layer designed to increase front of the seat cushion nose

  • Flip and rotate for optimized support

G1070_Rachelle_RS_HIGH RES_AUGUST 2021.jpg

The Rachelle Collection

pure form_edited.png
Super Plush
S1082_Ensel_RS_HIGH RES_AUGUST 2021.jpg

The Ensel Collection

super plush_edited.png
super zoom_edited.png

Super Plush Seating

Sink-in Comfort

  • Blown fibers wrap you in cloud-like softness for sink-in comfort

  • Premium cushion: ultra-soft, 1.9 resiliency (HR) foam core creates a soft yet supportive ride 

  • Extra volume: Blown, silicone-coated fibers and Dacron padding for an inviting, down-like appearance

  • Channeled casing: oversized outer casing allows for material movement, giving a loose-fitting, relaxed look

  • Fluff, rotate, and reshape for a lived-in look

Pluma Plush

Pluma Plush Seating

Wrap-around Luxury

  • Premium down blend combines with resilient foam for lasting comfort

  • Premium cushion: ultra-soft, 1.9 resiliency (HR) foam core creates a soft yet supportive ride

  • Feather blend: hypoallergenic feather blend offers luxurious comfort with just enough polyester fiber for resiliency and lift

  • Channeled casing: protective down-proof baffled casing adds softness and helps prevent fill from shifting

  • Fluff, rotate, and reshape for a natural look and feel

F1093_Everly_RS_HIGH RES_AUGUST 2021_edited.jpg

The Everly Collection

pluma plush_edited.png
pluma zoom_edited.png
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