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No matter your individual style, get ideas and inspiration from designers, collaborators and actual Jonathan Louis customers that go far beyond the showroom.

Jonathan Louis

Spring 2022 Design Trends

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A balance between technology & Nature

Since the beginning of time, nature and technology have played a crucial role in human life. However, we have always struggled to understand how present each of them should be. The COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid rate at which climate change is accelerating has given us time to reflect on this. Now, we are finally understanding how to balance the relationship between technology and nature. This season, our trends will focus on this dichotomy. We invite you to come and explore with us.

Warm Minimalism

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Birds of Paradise

Iridescent Oasis


Slowdown with muted colors, soft textures and subtle elements.

For the wanderer in all of us. Bright colors, busy patterns and a global spin.

Go with the flow mentality, with a flair for the colorful.

Imagine the future - now double it!

Warm Minimalism

Warm Minimalism



Silver Gray






Sun Kiss


Maple Sugar


Tobacco Brown



Clean Lines

Remove distractions from your environment. Rounded corners, elegant curves, balanced simplicity.

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Perfect for the person who enjoys slow, intentional living. A calming palette of muted tones is accented by rich earthy hues.

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A reflective space designed to soothe you. Meditate in the minimal. Find your flow.


In Perfect Balance


Quartzitic Stone

Flows naturally from outdoors to indoors

White Oak

Subtle grain with a naturally unfinished look


Abstract movement-filled designs for wallpaper or prints

Textured Fabrics

Subtle at a glance, but interesting up close

Prime Essentials_edited.jpg

Rounded shapes make your space feel natural and inviting.

Clean lines AND clean air - potted plants are nature’s air purifiers! Can’t commit? Try dried botanicals for a lower-maintenance look.

Textured fabrics and rugs excite the senses through interesting detail.

Don't be afraid
to accessorize!

Spice it up!

The deeper spice tones in this palette should be used sparingly for maximum impact. Terracotta planters, throw pillows, even an accent chair if you’re feeling extra spicy!


Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

The low hum of a crowd wandering in awe, a child, filled with wonder as they gaze upon the treasures of a new world. These are the moments we seek to capture, for adventure and collection of fleeting yet meaningful memories drives us forward. We are the explorers, the collectors, and the ones who desire to tell a story. 




Radiant Oasis



Yolk Yellow


Teal Blue


Pepper Green


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Every object is a memento, every choice has meaning. This may seem like a maximalist trend, but each item is carefully selected to fit with the overall vibe.




Terra Cotta


Burnt Orange


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Artboard 2.png

Wild Exploration

More is more. Color on color, prints on prints. Think the spice markets of Marrakesh - a cacophony of color and somehow, it works.

This trend is for the person who craves an environment as colorful as their personality. Bright tropical hues elevate the mood and energy of any space.


Eclectic & Energizing