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Trend Talk @ Jonathan Louis

Picture this: vibrant discussions about the cultural vibes shaping our five key trends, with mood boards, product details, and color stories adding that extra dash of flair.

We had the pleasure of kicking off a new event–a trend talk–during High Point Market last fall, inviting our fabric vendors for a fun and enriching session of ideas and creative insights. And last month, we followed up with another successful trend talk at Jonathan Louis headquarters (and a field trip to LACMA!).

As we are often looking to be at the forefront of our industry as leaders, we often found ourselves a season ahead in the development and design game. Rather than just making do with what we have, we decided to shake things up. We teamed up with a trend analyst to whip up some trend decks, and presented these slides of inspiration to fabric mills to illustrate product direction.

The ultimate goal is the crafting of fabrics that match beautifully with our emerging trends, but we wanted our fabric vendors to be just as inspired as we are by these trends, so a fun, collaborative event was born.

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October '23: High Point Market

In October, we treated our vendors to a VIP tour of our showroom, to underline the pivotal role trends play in the overarching narrative and direction of our products. Plus, we dove into the nitty-gritty of Jonathan Louis’s trend direction for the upcoming April 2024 Market, engaging in robust discussions about the cultural drivers influencing our five key trends,accompanied by mood boards, product details, and color stories.

The event was a hit and definitely stole the show at our October market! We felt compelled to build on this success for future seasons. This Trend Talk wasn't just another meeting; it was the kind of moment that sets the stage for seasons full of innovation and collaboration.

Image by Tyler Nix

January '24: JLHQ & LACMA

Fast forward to January, where we invited fabric vendors for round two, held at our headquarters in LA. Guests had the opportunity to tour our headquarters and LA factory facilities, gaining valuable insights into our operational processes. And we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the culturally resonant “Woven Histories: Textiles and Modern Abstraction” exhibit at LACMA, which offered a discussion on how abstract art and woven textiles share a history that’s interdependent.

April 2024 Trend Discussion (and Sneak Peek)

Returning to JLHQ, the guests were shown a preview of trends, visual merchandising, and theme for the upcoming April 2024 Market, followed by expectations and prospects for the October 2024 Market.

The office session ended with an open forum, addressing crucial topics such as the role of women in our industry, effective collaboration strategies within our organization, and the cultivation of productive partnerships with clients. We also delved into strategies for bringing emerging trends to market, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

The day concluded with a thank-you dinner.

We all enjoyed the enjoyed the day! In the words of one of our attendees:

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a trend talk hosted by Heidi Gonzalez at the Jonathan Louis offices. Surrounded by my industry peers, and the talented JL team led by Heidi, we pooled our visions for the next year in trends for the home furnishings world. We seemed to all agree on the direction of color and style, so it will be interesting to see how each company interprets these trends. Heidi also took us to see a textile exhibit at the LACMA, which was inspirational to the group of “fabric nerds”! I can’t wait to see the final production in April at JL’s showroom."

- Ann Reynolds, VP of Design Valdese Weavers

Thank you to all the partners who participated in our Trend Talks! We look forward to the fruits of our collaboration and a continued partnership on innovation and forward-thinking.

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