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That  was  Then - This  is  Now
The  Bennett  Collection

We want to be a part of your style journey as your taste evolves through the years. The Bennett Collection has managed to remain one of our most popular collections through the years because of its timeless design. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, it's easy to transform your furniture to fit every change and evolution. 

S0055_Bennett_Sofa_RS_HIGH RES_2008.jpg

Then (2009)...

Muted tones and shades of greige were in their prime in the mid 2000s. Simple patterns were limited to accent pieces and toss pillows. Uniformity throughout a furniture set was essential then to a trendy space. Bennett looks chic in just about any color fabric. 

Matching sets are still popular, but incorporating different patterns can modernize your space.

3E0A7908 copy.jpg

The Bennett offers button tufted seating for a classic, yet modern feel. 

Playing with textures is the perfect way to elevate any space! 

...And Now (2022)

Fast-forward thirteen years and the Bennett is still just as popular! Different textures and colors throughout the set add dimension to any room. This statement wall allows the neutral colored furniture to stand out and be the main focus. If bold hues seem daunting, inch your way into the world of color by subtly adding it to your toss pillows.   

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