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Runway to Reality: The Juniper Collection

In last week's post, we touched on translating two of our Spring/Summer 2022 design trends from fashion-forward, showroom-ready features to accessible, more mainstream fabric combinations. This week, our design team shows you how to apply those trend translations onto one of our newest collections, the Juniper! We show you how the same style can be taken from avantgarde to everyday living that is just as stunning.  Be on the lookout for the Juniper as it makes its way to your favorite retailer (and our website) very soon!

S1129_Juniper_Alt9 copy.jpg

 Have fun with bright colored body fabrics to give your piece the ultimate playful personality!

Too many pillows? Impossible! Accessorize with Sofa Pop pillows in different shapes, sizes, & textures. 


It's clear that the color palette for this version of the Juniper is representative of the Birds of Paradise trend, which we see gaining popularity. This configuration is meant to be unconventional and artistic, but the different pieces available within the collection make it easy to create everyday configurations that can easily fit in any home.

Casual  Living

Looking to be stylish while still maintaining flexibility? This version of the Juniper blends both the Birds of Paradise and Warm Minimalism trends for those who want to keep things simple while still being on-trend!


This configuration is smaller scaled with three fewer pieces and the pieces are arranged in a more traditional sectional. The smaller configuration is perfect for anyone who craves a comfortable lounge-worthy space. Fewer toss pillows than the runway version help simplify the overall simple look, but they still incorporate the trends using bold color and patterns. A neutral-colored body fabric is the perfect base that is timeless yet fashionable. 

S1129-Juniper_Alt9 copy.jpg

Linens create a relaxed and casual style that bring the feeling of comfort to your home.

A neutral color is perfect for layering & makes it easy to switch out your accessories to fit any trend! 

Bring in the fun with patterned toss pillows or bold art for added flexibilty!

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