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Runway to Reality:

The Chiswell  Collection

In a previous post, we touched on translating two of our Spring/Summer 2022 design trends from fashion-forward, showroom-ready features to accessible, more mainstream fabric combinations. This week, our design team shows you how to apply those trend translations onto one of our newest collections, the Chiswell! We show you how the same style can be taken from avantgarde to everyday living.  Check our dealer locator to see which of your favorite retailers carries the Chiswell!

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Make a statement with a bold patterned fabric on the Chiswell to add the drama! 

Don't forget the pillows! Accessorize the Chiswell with pillows from POP!

Bold & Bright

We showed this setting at our April market in a bold all-over floral as a matching pair–a showstopper that embodied the Honored Legacy trend. Inspired by—but hardly the same as—grandpa's Chesterfield, this sofa is formal, without being stuffy. Shedding the expected pleats on the arms, this modern update is sleeker and less fussy than its predecessor. The Chiswell is also more effervescent than the overstuffed Chesterfields of yore, featuring a slim walnut base, which carves away some of the extra visual weight. Shown here in this slightly nostalgic print, this Chiswell is perfect for someone who wants an heirloom touch.

Home & Hearth

Love the modern Chesterfield, but looking for a less traditional feel? It's all in the fabric selection and styling. A neutral or other soft color transforms sleekness into warmth that's perfect for a home. The marriage of traditional elements and modern details makes the Chiswell highly versatile, easily fitting your personal style. 

You can still have fun with patterns—try adding them to toss pillows or accent pieces! 

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