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Product  Spotlight:  [re]Formation

Furniture that moves.

[re]Formation is a modular seating system designed for maximum flexibility. Made to work with your space today and transition to your next home, this collection can be rearranged again and again to make the most of any space. High-quality materials and innovative furniture design meet to create a dynamic, high-performance line that adjusts to your room size. Check our dealer locator to see if there's a retailer near you.

S1140_reFormation_Showroom_HIGH RES_OCT. 2022_POP Pillows_EDITED_web.jpg

No connecting brackets means you can move the chaise around to be a stand-alone piece!

[re]Formation grows with you! Add more pieces to build the sectional of your dreams

Small  Spaces

This configuration is simple and straightforward, with only two pieces to create the perfect "just starting out," sectional. Easy to configure, [re]Formation is versatile, so you have the option of removing the armless chaise if you're limited on space to create a 3-seat estate sofa. This collection is all about simple foundations, so that you can add a personal touch with our POP pillows! 

Casual  Living

[re]Formation is designed to fit a wide range of lifestyle needs, adaptable to any sized space. This roomy configuration is designed for lounging and movie nights, solo or with the whole family. Made up of three pieces, an estate sofa, armless chair, and a left-arm facing track arm chair.  

JL Furniture-8250.jpg

Make your sectional the focal point of your room by dressing it in a statement fabric, like Opulent Margarita.

Want a smaller fit? Remove the armless chair and slide the LAF chair over to create a smaller sectional. 

Dress it up with POP pillows, or keep it neutral for a minimalist feel.

S1141_Reformation_RS_HIGH RES_2022.jpg

Standard seating provides full support while still maintaining style and structure.

Amici Sand on the body of your sectional creates the perfect canvas to dress up or down.

The Hostess with the Mostest

Love entertaining? (re)Formation has something for you too. All the pieces within this collection fit perfectly next to each other, which means you can add or remove pieces to create the sectional of your dreams! Alternate setting idea for parties: create seating areas around the room from this six-piece sectional with little islands of groups of two. Versatile, comfortable, and flexibly functional, this is the perfect sectional for the social butterflies. 

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