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The Matthew Collection

This week, we’re revisiting The Matthew, a collection that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and sleekness—a collection that creates an elegant, yet inviting environment. Featuring Super Plush reversible seating, The Matthew offers the perfect balance of support and softness, ensuring you can unwind and relax in style. Supported by low-profile wood legs in a mocha finish, this furniture piece exudes an elegant and sophisticated appeal that elevates the aesthetic of any space. With loose backs and low-profile arms, The Matthew provides a luxurious and comfortable experience.

S0246_Matthew_Sect 3PC_RS_HIGH RES_2017_WEB SIZE_INVERTED .jpg

Suit Your Space

Adding to its charm, this style comes with multiple additional toss pillows that not only provide extra comfort, but also give the illusion of a scatter-back*, creating a touch of visual interest to the overall design while maintaining support. And the versatility of this collection is unmatched, offering a wide array of pieces to choose from. You have the freedom to build a sectional that perfectly fits your family's needs or opt for a traditional sofa set, to fit a more petite living space. This traditional style staple brings a timeless elegance to your living room or entertainment area that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

The Matthew in 2017

*Scatter-back: A scatter-back sofa is a type of furniture that features loose back cushions that can be rearranged or "scattered" for customizable comfort. This allows for versatile seating options, accommodating different preferences and providing a relaxed or formal atmosphere. The scatter-back design offers both style and practicality, making it a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and flexible seating solution in their living space.

Feeling Grey

The go-to color combination of 2017 (above) was black and grey, otherwise known as the "salt and pepper" color combo. The bright colored accents of 2016 slowly morphed into pops of black and white against a cool neutral.


Although we still see greys in action today, the contrast between black and white is much more subtle, with the undertone leaning warmer. A neutral greige with a hint of brown, as shown in the 2023 version of the Matthew, is the  natural update in on-trend color. 


No matter your preference, both versions of The Matthew convey the same message: that The Matthew has managed to remain a constant style staple in any space. 

S0246 Matthew_3 Pc_Lifestyle_2023_WEB SIZE.jpg

The Matthew in 2023

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