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Custom Collections by Jonathan Louis: Jordan's Furniture

Back in June 2023, we embarked on a collaborative project with the Jordan’s Furniture team to develop our Custom Collections within their soon-to-be-opened store in Farmington, Connecticut. It was a great opportunity to highlight the sheer versatility and simplicity of our Custom Collections (Choices, [re]formation, Design Lab, and POP), and designed to communicate that to Jordan’s customers. By grouping all of these custom lines together in one meticulously designed 3,661-square-foot section of Jordan's Farmington store (representing living room, youth bedroom and adult bedroom areas), we created a destination spot for customers looking to create sofas, chairs, and sectionals that suited their lifestyle, space, and needs.

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The Process

Teams from both Jonathan Louis and Jordan's worked in close coordination to refine layout details, craft eye-catching and descriptive merchandising materials, and select merchandise for the space. In addition to showcasing JL’s Custom Collections, the goal was to elevate the overall shopping experience, ensuring seamless integration of Jonathan Louis' diverse offerings within Jordan's unique retail environment.

We wanted to create destinations that had clear messaging, that were engaging, and educational, and allowed the consumer to explore the different customization options. The consumer is able to explore and learn about the different programs, see the various fabric options, and scan a QR code to get additional information on Jordan's website.

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The Result

We were thrilled to unveil the results of months of collaborative work in December. This not only represents the first of our Custom Collections galleries, but also underscores the success of a collaborative partnership founded on creativity and communication.

Our partner said: "Jordan's Furniture recently opened its eighth store in Farmington, CT. One of its most impressive features is the Jonathan Louis Custom Collections gallery. The partnership with Jonathan Louis resulted in a truly exceptional space with impactful and educational branding elements that leave a lasting impression. The colors and visuals are really on trend! We are excited about the collaboration and thrilled with the outstanding response from our sales team and the public." - Scott Wantman, VP of Merchandising, Jordan's Furniture.

Thank you to Jordan's for the kind words and for this excellent opportunity!

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