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Design Lab Rebrand
in Mathis Home

The recent update of our Design Lab branding is now being rolled out in our retailers’ stores! The response from Mathis Home has been fantastic, as they quickly embraced the rebrand and seamlessly integrated the fresh new look into their locations.


The essence of this line centers around a dynamic consumer experience with self-expression at the core. Design Lab provides shoppers with an opportunity to bring their personal style to life and create the sofa of their dreams—and with Design Lab, expressing your unique personality has never been easier or more enjoyable.


When first launched, Design Lab's in-store appearance was characterized by a bright and youthful vibe. The captivating use of neon signage, illustrated signs, and vibrant fabrics truly caught the eye. The in-store material thoughtfully guided customers through the steps of creating their custom sofa or sectional, whether through the app or with the help of the skilled sales team. Targeting the young millennial demographic at the time, the neon sign drove the overall aesthetic, and "playfulness" became a defining characteristic of the brand.


Now, five years later, we're excited to reveal the updated look and feel of Design Lab, tailored to better suit its audience. The focus is on guided, curated customization, catering to the discerning, design-oriented millennials. We've dialed back the in-your-face elements of branding, allowing the true highlight of the line—customization—to shine through. While the colors remain eye-catching, they are now grounded with unexpected neutrals, creating a friendly sophistication that appeals to a wider range of tastes.


We've also de-emphasized the steps that once took center stage as part of the experience. By removing rigid steps, we inspire creativity and foster a sense of freedom when building the ideal design. There's no need to follow a predetermined order of choices; instead, we let imagination take the lead, and so that the shopper can enjoy the experience of crafting a personalized space that reflects their style.

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