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A Day in the Life of...

We all have our work routines (editor’s note: mine looks like coffee, coffee, meeting, meeting, meeting, coffee)–but ever wonder what someone else’s day looks like? Take a peek inside the daily shenanigans of our team members and learn what a day in their life looks like for them. What you learn may surprise or inspire you.

...HR Manager, Ivan Uribe

Breaking Down "Human Resources Manager"

As the HR Manager, I’m responsible for employee relations in the US factories and HQ, for staffing and for enforcing the company’s human resources programs. In other words, I provide support and guidance to management and to employees when questions arise about work and employment relations, while building and maintaining the company culture. Additionally, I ensure the company is in legal compliance according our federal and state requirements.

I also oversee employee benefits and am in charge of the safety department in the US, developing and executing safety plans and programs according to California legal guidelines.

8:15 AM

Factory Walkthrough

I leave HQ to walk through the US factories for a quick check-in with the managers in those buildings. I try to do this at least three times a week. It gives employees the opportunity to ask questions about company policies, and air complaints or make suggestions for the company. It’s also an opportunity to ensure safety and CTPAT protocols are in place. 


We want the employees and supervisors to feel supported by management, and friendly face-time is a great way to keep morale steady. Doing this creates open communication between Management (HQ) and employees working in Production (WH).

9 AM

Workers' Comp Meeting


One of the more sensitive areas of HR that I handle is workers’ compensation. I meet, as needed, with our brokers to review claims and discuss legal strategy, and to find best possible solutions. I take care to make sure the claims are handled correctly.


In this particular meeting, we reviewed employee restrictions, modified work availability, and employee benefits.

11:30 AM



Part of my department’s responsibilities is to handle mediation. HR’s involvement is not always necessary, but sometimes supervisors will ask for support for smoother conversations. Our assistance is requested nearly every day, and I believe that our assistance helps the managers and team improve communication, which improves our employee experience.

2 PM 

HR Team Meeting


We’ve found that we save time setting a quick meeting during the day to discuss issues that may have surfaced during the day, like employees’ questions and concerns, rather than having individual team members pop into my office for a single question. The agenda is simple: each team member (Fernando Ordaz–HR Generalist), Juan Pinon–Benefits Administrator, and Luis Alonso–Safety & CTPAT Coordinator) gives a brief overview about what their current week looks like, and brings topics/issues to the table for group discussion. This meeting is about our day-to-day responsibilities, and gives us the opportunity to discuss each other’s to-do list. We’ve found that the team gains a much better understanding of each other’s workload.

Having those meetings with my team gives me the opportunity to ask if assistance is needed and offer help, building a sense of teamwork.


HR meetings are all different as it’s not only about updates and problems. We also make decisions and establish action plans with delineated responsibilities.

4 PM

Meeting with James Greathouse


I have a standing touch base with James every week to discuss projects and department goals, but meetings with James happen frequently during the week as he is our VP/GM. If I have a question or need advice, I go to James. 

8 AM 

Quick visit from Doña Marie


I usually get to the office at 8:30 am, ready to start the day with happy thoughts and a coffee (black). This morning Doña Marie came to my office to sign some paperwork. 


People usually come to my office to fill out sick day request forms, leave of absence forms, etc.

8:30 AM 

Attendance Policy Meeting


I stopped by a meeting that was in progress with the managers of the factory to discuss the new attendance point system. They usually have meetings every day at 8:30 am and HR participates when there are announcements or when the company is in the process of establishing a new policy. We also attend those meetings when we have a need to clarify or reiterate attendance or other HR procedures.


We also hold a monthly meeting with all supervisors and leaders to discuss production/QC/HR topics.


I noted during the meeting that in order for this policy to work, excellent communication between the employees and their supervisor was key.

1 PM

Lunch with HR Team

I usually have coffee and my lunch at noon, but if we are in the middle of something, I don’t mind taking my break later. I try to split my time between HQ and my HR team at the warehouse during lunch.


I really enjoy having these casual conversations with my team and coworkers about how the weekend went, travel plans, and what's happening on TV.

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End of Day

I usually end my day in my office at HQ. Once the employees have left, it’s time to respond to my emails, review employee’s requests, and respond to letters from different agencies like EDD, WC, etc.

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At this moment I’m reading a classic of Mexican literature, Pedro Paramo, by Juan Rulfo, and watching the show “Succession" on HBO.

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