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Occasionally, we’ll get a particularly interesting or entertaining question from our customers, which we want to share with everyone in case someone else is wondering the same thing, but are too shy to ask.


This recent “inquiry” made us giggle, but also sparked our creativity.

consumer question_UPDATED.jpg

Dear Kelsey,

First off, we are SO thrilled that you love your JL couch that you bought from NFM! We originally showed the Raine Collection a few seasons ago with the same ottoman in a similar, yet quite different mustard yellow leather.

The Raine Sectional In...


Body fabric in Narrative Peacock! 

Toss pillows in Skidrow Teal & Gabon Hot Coral

Storage Ottoman in Echo Lager

One of the things our customers love about our product line is the sheer diversity in fabric, which allows for creative liberty. 


If you’re looking for something that is in the same exact fabric as your sectional, please reach out to your rep at NFM to request a custom ottoman with the fabric that matches your sofa covered in Marley Navy.. 


In case you want something other than matching your sectional, here are a few more suggestions from our Product Development team, options that would add a little bit of visual or textural interest (and hopefully not be offensive to your décor):

all recs.png

Heflin Parchment

Belmont Clay

Cruise White Hot

Marley Navy

Moonwalk Nutmeg

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more coastal, clean and modern, we recommend Cruise White Hot for the Ottoman and Heflin Parchment (the set on the left) for toss pillows. But if you prefer something a little darker and cozier, it’d be the ottoman in Belmont Clay and the toss pillows be in Belmont Clay and Foundation Smoke (the set on the right).


Coastal & Clean

Dark & Cozy

Or feel free to peruse our swatches for something that suits your style! 


We’d love to hear back what you decided on, and would love to see how it looks in your space!





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