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Spring/Summer 2023 Trends

Jonathan Louis

Spring/Summer 2023 Design Trends

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Returning to Our Roots

Our wandering adventurer of the last market has settled down this season, turning to their roots and heritage for inspiration. Looking back fondly at the traditions and aesthetics of generations past, we reinterpret traditional designs to suit the modern world. The trends featured this season lean into the familial and the familiar, honoring the past by bringing it forward into the now. Join us as we explore updates to classic styling inspired by the coast, the southwest, the Italian countryside, and the city.

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” - Dalai Lama

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Organic Simplicity

Connect to nature on a primal level with raw textures and desert hues. Minimalist and tactile, the focal point is on being grounded.

honored legacy collages_edited.png

Honored Legacy

Create a retreat from the bustle of modern life with old world charm. Soft watercolor florals and grand maximalist elements create the ultimate escape.


Reflective Harmony

Luxuriate in an oasis of serenity, soothed by the soft lines and fluidity of the ocean. Inspired by coastal elements with none of the nautical kitsch.

Retro Metro Collages_edited.png

Retro Metro

Embrace the playfulness of the mid-20th century with exaggerated shapes and saturated colors. For a curator of the past with a modern sensibility.

Organic Simplicity

organic simplicity



Warm Taupe


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Sensory Exploration

Layer in a wide variety of tactile elements, creating a textural wonderland.





Stripped Down Minimalism

Establish a calming and soothing space that promotes relaxation and mindfulness by removing all distractions.

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Golden Apricot






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Earthy Foundation

Use textiles and wall colors predominantly in warm neutrals such as shades of brown to establish a grounded base; bring in occasional pops of yellow, green, and blue to add a touch of vibrancy.



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Irregular Natural Materials

Embrace natural flaws.

Smooth Ceramics

A smooth contrast to the raw surrounds. 

Natural Fibers

Cotton, linen, and wool take center stage. 

S1146_Winslow copy 2.jpg

Less is more in this trend, don't overwhelm your space with too many accessory pieces.

Add earthy elements to your space with natural touches like a wooden coffee table.

There's nothing like a neutral palette to bring the serenity into your home. 

The Southwest, reimagined.

Elicit sunbaked earth vibes with sandy, neutral hues, and lots of texture. Accessorize with straw, rattan, and wood in their natural states. Add in finished ceramics in hand thrown shapes for organic simplicity.

The Winslow Collection

Honored Legacy

Honored Legacy
honored legacy collages (6)_edited.png

Silver Gray


Provincial Influence

Plaids and stripes add a hint of pastoral chic. 



Beaver Fur


Subtle Maximalism

Layers upon layers of color and print, without overwhelming the eye.

Mango Mojito


honored legacy collages (7)_edited.png

Sentimental Discovery

Add a personal touch with family treasures handed down through the generations.

honored legacy collages (3)_edited.png

Caramel Cafe


Winter Moss


Turkish Sea



Global Treasures