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2023 Sales Conference

Our sales team descended upon our headquarters this past week, the first time Jonathan Louis’s sales team had been back in three years. It was an opportunity for our reps to hear about the company’s 2023 direction, exchange knowledge and experiences with their peers, and have a few cocktails with the team. 


Three days of non-stop fun and learning were filled with talks with the CEO, factory walkthroughs, informational sessions on product, fabric, new technology, and working sessions with the Customer Service team.  Whether seasoned or just starting out, this conference was a smorgasbord of knowledge, with something for everyone.


It was hard to say goodbye, but we look forward to next year’s conference, where more learning (and hijinks) abound!

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Day 1

We kicked off the session with a bang as our executive team led the sales reps in a meeting focused on both vision and strategy. Next up was a quality control and manufacturing processes session that was capped off with a tour of the US factories.  We closed out the day with a happy hour at HQ that gave our team members a chance to mingle and catch up over pizza and drinks.

Day 2

The next day started off with breakfast for the sales team, and then a demo and working sessions on upcoming digital experiences. After lunch, the reps had an opportunity to hear from marketing, to discuss custom collections and the development of potential tools, followed by a session with product development to review fabrics and 2023 direction. Product Development also brought in a fabric rep to walk reps through an informational session. The end of the workday gave reps a chance to discuss best practices and to learn from each other. 

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Day 3

The final day of the on-site meeting led with a sales and customer service breakfast followed by a discussion that featured a team-building exercise. The Sales team had one last debrief together,  before everyone headed back home. The sales conference was a great experience and we're looking forward to the next exchange of ideas. 

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