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Jonathan Louis

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No Tricks, Just Treats!: Halloween at Jonathan Louis


Building on a long-standing tradition of annual Halloween costume competitions, this year, the JL Social Club extended the season of horror to a full month, hosting a series of “Freaky Fridays.” Each Friday featured a different costume theme, as well as competitive events held during the lunch hour.


Who is the JL Social Club? Composed of employee volunteers who represent each department, and different lengths of tenure (from 10 months to 25 years!), our ERG has a broad base of experiences and perspectives that help shape JL’s culture. In addition to holiday-themed events, our committee members are focused on finding ways to foster inclusivity and help team members to connect throughout the company. Future events include off-campus volunteer opportunities, blood drives, company-sponsored charity walks/runs, and educational “happy hours.”

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Gothic Friday: Get in touch with your inner goth. Dress  like the darkness and stay out of the light. 


Donut Dilemma: Donuts are tied on a string and hung from a pole; participants must devour their entire donut without using their hands. First to finish wins! 


Mummy Me: Teams must wrap a team member up in toilet paper; the first to be wrapped and cross the finish line wins.


Horror Film Fest: Dress up like your favorite horror film character. 


Halloween Family Feud: We pit two JL teams against each other in a Halloween trivia competition based on survey responses from real people.


Box of Lies: Players must correctly guess what's inside by sticking their hands into the boxes. Player with the most correct answers wins.


Superhero/Supervillain: Dress up as your favorite superhero or supervillain character.


Halloween Movie Trivia: Test your trivia sKILLS and see who knows the most. 


Pumpkin Patch fight: Pumpkins are falling from the sky! Save your team by keeping the pumpkins out of your team’s patch.