New city, new life, and new sense of home. I’ve settled in many places but this time feels special - a dream job and a place to call my own, where I can really express myself!

New York

Artboard 3_edited.png

Most importantly, I get to experience New York with the love of my life (xoxo Matt!)

I couldn’t bear to get rid of my Dallas couch (so many memories!) but it actually fits right in with the pieces I bought for my new place.

I’ve spent so much time thinking about the future and trying to find my next step but now looking back, I know that each season was fruitful in its own way. At this moment here in New York, I am so grateful.


I’ve insisted that our New York place be decorated “to a T.” We got the most lovely mid-century modern couch and adorned the walls with black and white abstract art. These circular vases were a housewarming gift from my mom (so chic!)

Setting in the City

Facefirst Zinc.jpg

Facefirst Zinc

Brazza Dove.jpg

Brazza Dove

Mint blanc nile_.jpg

Mont Blanc Nile

This estate sofa pairs a tapered mid-century leg with a square arm in the elegant fabric, Brazza Dove.

Gourcy Cirrus.jpg

Gourcy Cirrus

Decadence Baltic.jpg



The DL Queen bed features a dramatic upholstered headboard shown here in Gourcy Cirrus.