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I can’t believe I’m moving to Dallas with Matt! Our one date became many and now here we are, moving to a new city together. I’m excited to introduce him to my sister, Anna. Let’s hope she can fit us into her busy schedule. 


Anna insisted on picking us up from the airport and showing us around, despite her having to cancel several meetings to do it. How lucky are we to have a Dallas-ite by our side?!

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Furniture shopping with Matt was definitely…a lesson in compromising. We have such different taste in décor but I’m glad we could at least agree to get that aubergine couch.


 I’m glad we were equally involved in decorating. I look around and see pieces of Matt and pieces of myself everywhere. This feels like us. It feels like home!

Now that I’m decorating with Matt, our styles are blending. Our place has taken on a very traditional and cozy feel thanks to pieces like our burgundy couch, (faux) deer head, and Matt’s collection of landscape paintings; I feel at home.

Dallas Days

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Anasari Sisal

This Estate Sofa pairs a tapered mid-century leg with a classic arm in Charm Rutabaga

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Essence Dusk

The Queen bed with storage offers added flexibility with no compromise on style - shown here in Essence Dusk