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It’s been a while since I’ve seen Nick, my older brother. The memories of a smaller version of him putting chewing gum in my hair feel oddly distant as I see how grown up he is. It’s strange to say that I actually feel inspired by him; his commitment to serving the community here is so admirable

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It’s not just Nick either, people really look out for each other here. I’m amazed at how welcomed everyone has made me feel!

Today I met a friend of Nick’s who made a special effort to show me around the city. His name is Matt and he’s incredibly sweet…and handsome.

He asked me on a date and the conversation was seamless. We have so much in common, including a shared love for the city of Dallas. Just like me, he hopes to live there one day. Who knows- maybe we’ll bump into each other there.


As I decorate my place in the windy city, I shift my aesthetic to include more nature and warmth. I bought an adorable fiddle-leaf fig tree and a couple of neutral patterned carpets, then I found the perfect black and white picture of the Chicago skyline. My apartment feels super cozy.

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Windy City Set Up

Veracruz Cobalt.jpg
Pinkerton steel.jpg
Conform Charcoal.jpg
Rodrigue Cognac.jpg
Mont Blanc Evergreen.jpg

Veracruz Cobalt

Pinkerton Steel

Conform Charcoal

Rodrigue Cognac

Mont Blanc Evergreen

Spread out in style on the JL Sectional, shown here in the versatile fabric, Conform Charcoal

Whitsett Safari.jpg

Whitsett Safari

The Queen bed with storage can be customized for a more classic or modern look, shown here in Whitsett Safari