It feels like just yesterday I was living in LA. Now, here I am in a whole new city. I know that living here with my uncle and his family will be a lot different, but I’m grateful that he has welcomed me into his home and offered me support.

Uncle Jeff’s house is decorated in a way that I have never seen before and my aesthetic preferences don’t exactly match his. However, I am glad they are letting me stay here. At least I’ll have my own room and they are letting me decorate it however I choose!

I had already visited about five furniture stores looking for a couch when uncle Jeff texted me a link to the Jonathan Louis Design Lab app. I started scrolling and almost immediately I found  the perfect piece- one that felt like me! I’m beyond relieved.


This is my classy Boston era and no décor pieces could say that better than these do. The velvet couch adds such sophistication to my space, and the map of the city, (while practical for a Boston newbie) is so stunning. Not to mention that my book collection and my potted tree fit right into the space!

Boston Bliss

Tartan Sand.jpg
Copenhagen Petal.jpg
Amici moss.jpg

Tartan Sand

Copenhagen Petal

Amici Moss

The JL Sectional is pure cozy comfort, wrapped in plush Amici Moss

Merino Rose_bed.jpg
Locanda Teak_bed.jpg
Merino Camel_bed.jpg

Merino Rose

Locanda Teak

Merino Camel

The Queen bed features a sleek upholstered headboard, shown here in Merino Rose