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April '22  Trends: Runway to Reality

Our “runway” looks are often dramatic, eye-catching showpieces, that are designed to boldly capture our theme and trends of the season—but not necessarily created with the everyday lifestyle in mind (though if you’re able to fit an orange and green Tetris-piece-shaped sofa into your space, consider us impressed, and please send us a pic! We’d love to see how you style Jonathan Louis your way). And we understand that translating those trend-forward moments into accessible looks can be sometimes daunting. Our team of experts recently helped guide questioning minds by translating the trends into fabric recommendations, an easy way to bring two of our featured Spring/Summer trends into their homes. Below are some highlights from our trend talk in a Nebraska Furniture Mart Facebook Live session.

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For the body of a new sofa or sectional, consider one of the following fabrics:

Artisan Barley, a natural choice for organic lux living, is textured with a slight slub that gives you the feel of a linen.

Bella Cocoa, one of our favorite velvets, is soft and luxurious, but also life-friendly (i.e. easy to clean with water and soap).

Farina Oatmeal, a textured chenille for the perfect cozy moment, and pairs well with our deeper pluma-plush seating. 

Looking to ease into the trend? Consider cush-y pillows or statement-making accent chairs in the following fabrics: 

Julana Kuba, in its muted tones of yellow, rust, and steel, brings a “I found this while globe-trotting” feel. Ideal for additional pillows. 

Heflin Parchment is sophisticated with a minimal pattern, great for the pattern-shy who wants something more than a solid. 

Cuba Bark features a small dot-like pattern in a range of neutrals, which is a great way to introduce hints of color in a mostly minimal palette. 

Pixie Natural leans into the shearling/sherpa moment you saw all over High Street. Great for small kidney pillows (or if you love bold texture, go bigger).

Warm Minimalism

If you believe in the Marie Kondo method/are allergic to clutter, but still want to feel like you’re wrapped in coziness and warmth, Warm Minimalism is a design trend that you will want to explore.

For a sofa or sectional, you might want to consider:

Amici Moss, in a beautiful deep velvet green, is a short pile chenille that creates subtle changes of color in the light, emulating foliage. 

Gypsy Taupe creates a beautiful neutral base that allows other colorful elements and accents to pop.

Want a neutral base, but know that light-colored anything won’t survive a week in your house? Dover Natural is our performance fabric selection for a muted foundation. Not only is it easy to clean with soap and water, but it’s also moisture-repellent, making it easy to clean any spills. 

Splashy prints, patterns, and textures are a must for maximalist Birds of Paradise. Our recommendations are a muted, modern take on tropical colors. 

Tika Jade, a large scale print in cut velvet, is island vibes meets psychedelic trip for an unexpected take. 

Masterpiece Tumeric brings in shades of the sea and sunset for a softer, watercolor look. 

Wabansia Sunshine brightens up any room in a bright, but warm, golden yellow pattern. 

Milliken Natural is perfect for bringing in the beach element and adding interest via texture. The fluctuating depths of the ruching mimics the lines in the sand created by wind and waves.

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Birds of Paradise

If you’re of the “more is more” mentality and love the lushness of a tropical aesthetic, Birds of Paradise is a trend that will help you bring that vibrancy into your home. Recognizing that you may not want a full palm print sofa, our experts recommended solids for a base, with accent pieces bringing in the brilliancy of the tropics.

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