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Looking Back on 2022...

As we gear up for 2023 (New Year's Resolutions anyone?), we're taking a quick trip down memory lane to review all that we accomplished and celebrated last year…at least, on our blog (and a couple wins that we haven’t shared!). What better way is there to start off the year, than by reviewing how far we’ve come, to help us decide where to grow. Join us for our look back…and stay tuned as we continue to develop.

Launch of the JL Social Club

January 2022

We kicked off the year with the formation of the JL Social Club, with the intention of rebuilding and enhancing our culture of fun and community (that was so rudely interrupted by the pandemic), while helping us to exemplify our values. In this inaugural year, the committee came through with not only fun and festive celebrations, but also with opportunities to give back to our community. The JL Social Club carries this spirit forward into the new year with a blood drive for Children’s Hospital of LA this month. We look forward to JLSC’s new initiatives and plans for 2023.